Mappatura’s 3D laser scanning division employs the best of the brains in the industry with immense domain knowledge that positions Mappatura as a leader in 3D Laser scanning services.
Laser triangulation is one of the most common techniques of 3D data acquisition. It is an active stereoscopic technique where the distance to the object is computed by means of a directional light source and a video camera.
2D arrays are faster and more accurate. 2D array of the CCD camera captures the surface profile's image and digitizes all data points along the laser. A simple expansion of this technique allows the complete geometry of the object to be captured
The 3D Laser Scanning data team at Mappatura strives to exceed client expectations on innovation and high quality of data delivery.

The services offered by Mappatura includes:


  • 3D Solid Modeling
  • 3D Revit Modeling
  • 3D Mesh Modeling 
  • 2D Floor plans 
  • Elevations 
  • Section drawings


With increasing demands for 3D viewing tools resting upon public authorities, architects and museums, Mappatura specializes in delivering 3D models for any type of structure (production floors, bridge, water tower, road or tunnel) or building (religious, cultural or sporting). These are accurate to the nearest millimeter and provide a superlative level of realism.
Mappatura provides services that include production of conventional facade plans, plan views, sections, points of disjunction, elevations and profiles from any digitized point of the structure concerned.

Architectural Restoration
When original accents are lost the 3D Laser scan of the original object can be used to recreate templates and molds for many items including hand carved wooden posts, plaster appliqué, and metal hardware. Using CNC machining, replica components can be manufactured. "When an original is too expensive, make a new antique."

Forensics and Deformation Analysis
For inspection of a failed part, a comparison can be made between a scanned model and the original CAD model or other sample.

Fabrication and Construction Inspection
Quality and integrity of manufacturing can be assured by comparing a production sample to both the original CAD file and a sample known to be within spec.


3D Laser Scanning

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