A BIM is the creation of parametric or intelligent models instead of 2D perspective 'un-intelligent' drawings. A BIM operates on a digital database and any change made to this database is reflected throughout the entire drawing. This allows everyone involved in the building life cycle - architects, engineers, contractors, developers, and building owners - to sync together allowing them to view the model in different ways and seamlessly share information.

The various stages for BIM are:

  • Conceptual or schematic design
  • Preliminary design
  • Design development
  • Construction documents and details



LOD stands for level of detailing/ development. There are 5 different levels which have been classified by the American institute of architects (AIA) in BIM Protocol (E202). To simplify, the 5 different levels of LOD in industry’s interpretation are listed below:

  • LOD 100 Conceptual modeling
  • LOD 200 General modeling
  • LOD 300 Accurate modeling& shop drawings
  • LOD 400 Fabrication & Assembly
  • LOD 500 Maintenance & Operations


Architectural BIM Services

Our Architectural BIM Services empowers architects and designers to create with unlimited freedom, to explore more design options, to make better informed design decisions, and to predict costs and performance. Design and construction documents are automatically coordinated, eliminating errors and omissions. Architectural and AE firms can deliver better buildings on time and on budget, thus improving client services and increasing revenue – business-critical benefits in today’s competitive environment.

MEC perform seamless integration between design, engineering, analysis, construction, and operations for the entire lifecycle of facilities. MEC bring together multi-disciplinary workgroups and global teams in a managed environment, allowing them to build as one.

  • Conversion of 2D drawings to 3D BIM Architectural models
  • Constructability Review of Design
  • BIM Architectural Coordination models
  • Bidding Marketing Presentation models
  • Pre-construction Site logistic models


Structural BIM Services

As part of Structural BIM, MEC provides seamless integration between design, engineering, analysis, construction, and operations for the entire lifecycle of facilities. MEC does comprehensive documentation and building information modeling (BIM) serving the needs of structural engineers, designers and BIM practitioners through accurate document generation and integrated project delivery.

This provides engineers the ability to easily explore design alternatives with flexible interdisciplinary coordination and interoperability with industry-leading structural analysis software products.

  • Structural drawings with detail and design with truss drawings.
  • Detailed Construction drawings
  • 3D Models Preparation (Steel, Wood and Concrete) from the drawings
  • Shop drawings of different structural elements including beams, columns, lintels, roof frames, shelf angles, bracings and wall partitions
  • Planning and cost estimates for Bidding, Construction materials procurement and practical construction
  • 3D Modeling and Erection drawings for virtual construction management
  • Structural design and construction documentation for structures in steel, concrete, and timber
  • Integrated analytical model with finite elements, nodes, boundary conditions and member releases, loads and load combinations
  • Parametric, dimension-driven creation and modification of structural components
  • Automatic user-definable cutbacks and coping of intersecting members
  • Plans, framing layouts, sections, and elevations created with extraction rules for symbolization and member annotation
  • Quantity takeoffs, member schedules, volume and weight analyses, center of gravity, and other reports


MEC have the ability to automate and synchronize the creation of construction documentation across a project. This provides a significant time savings over a 2D workflow. The construction documentation is easily customizable allowing for incorporation of standards.

With Structural BIM, Stake holders can access timely information across multidisciplinary project teams whether they are working in a single officeor distributed across many offices.

MEP BIM Services

MEC provides comprehensive 2D MEP Drafting Services for residential houses, buildings, hospitals and factories etc. as part of its Mechanical Electrical Plumbing services.

Our MEP Services are supportive of light and energy conservation and green energy as we plan and design accurate Load Calculation, and electrical requirements as per different projects. Our team of adept MEP modelers can create tailored MEP drawings and specifications with detailed layouts and models.

We create and design layouts based on the input provided in the form of AutoCAD files, JPG images, PDF documents, Revit files and hand-drawn sketches.

Our comprehensive MEP Services include:

  • Virtual 3D Model Creation
  • 4th Dimension of Time
  • Project Information Extraction
  • Clash Detection and Risk Mitigation
  • Energy Simulation for Different Projects
  • Precise, high-quality construction documents


MEC aims to provide our clients precise and accurate MEP Designs with adequate indoor Air Circulation, Lighting connections and plumbing facilities.

MEC have set a high benchmark in our MEP BIM offerings which are cost-effective, efficient and precise in nature.

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