GIS Mapping

Mappatura has extensive experience in dealing with issues associated with land base facility database conversion and has assisted utility companies, municipalities, consulting firms, facility managers, town planners, architects and engineers.

Our typical approach is that we first work towards understanding the legacy system existing in the client's premises based on which we propose, design and implement established quality procedures perfected over the last few years which is very much industry specific. 

  • Data Conversion 
  • Data Loading 
  • Database Design 
  • Database Maintenance 
  • Data Migration 
  • Data Integration 

We provide value added services not restricted to a single platform and multiple output formats after an intensive system study by our experienced project managers at the client site. The Project Manager works in close coordination with the technical experts of the client for effective communication and designing of an optimized workflow, which will enable greater clarity when the production starts. This will lead to a better output, reduced QC/QA procedures and near error-free output
Our success is attributed to our skilled personnel, proven QA/QC systems, unparalleled client communications and attractive pricing.

Our projects typically involve: 

  • Survey and Data Collection 
  • Digitization/Drafting 
  • Georeferencing/Geocoding 
  • Data Attribution 
  • Image Processing 
  • DEM/DTM Generation 
  • Data Format Conversion 

Data Migration from Digital Sources  
Many conversion projects require the translation of existing digital data obtained from legacy data systems. Data migration projects include source data in AutoCAD, MicroStation, dBase, Microsoft Access, etc. We help our clients generate a conversion matrix that maps the existing data to the target systems data model. Based on the conversion matrix and the required functionality of the new system, Mappatura modifies existing tools and processes to migrate the data.

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